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Fourth of July Sleep Tips

It’s heating up, swimming is a daily activity, and the grills are in full swing. That can only mean one thing…it’s almost the 4th of July! This can be a fun day filled with friends, food, and fireworks, but it can also be a day we all dread when it comes to how it effects our little ones’ sleep. Here are a few helpful tips to help preserve your child’s sleep during Fourth of July.

Tip #1: Prepare your child in advance: If you have a toddler or older child, let them know that they might hear some loud noises from fireworks while they are sleeping. Let them know that if they hear any noises, that everything is okay and safe and it is their job to stay in bed and try to get back to sleep.

Tip#2: Bedtime: For infants and babies, plan to have them in bed at their regular bedtime so they are well into a deep sleep by the time the fireworks start up. If you have  a toddler or an older child that would like to stay up for the fireworks, plan on doing an early firework show so that they can get to bed no later than 1 hour past their normal bedtime.

Tip#3: Turn up the sound machine: To help drown out the firework booms, turn up the sound machine! Make sure to download a decimal reader on your phone to ensure it is still at a safe volume (maximum 50 decibels).

Tip #4: Don’t skip nap time: Some parents think it is a good idea to skip nap time so that their child is more tired that night and will sleep better. However, sleep begets sleep, so if their body is not getting the day sleep it needs, it can make their night sleep even worse. Plan on doing a nap, and even letting them sleep a little later than you typically would if they plan on staying up for fireworks.

Tip #5: Keep a consistent response to wake ups: If your child wakes up due to the sound of fireworks, give them a couple of minutes to settle back down on their own. If they are not settling back down, go into the room and treat it like a normal night waking by giving them a little comfort to let them know everything is okay and then heading out of the room to let them drift off back to sleep.

We hope this helps relieve a little stress around sleep during the Fourth of July. Just remember to try and relax and enjoy the day with family and friends. Most kiddos sleep right through the noise of fireworks, but if sleep is not the best that night, remind yourself that it is just one night and try to get back on track the next day!


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