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Sleep Success Stories

We believe that your success is our success. It's stories like these that drive us to keep doing our best to provide parents like you with solutions to get everyone in your house well rested and happy.


Amanda was simply wonderful to work with!!  Our 8-month old daughter was sleeping in our bed and waking every 1-2 hours at night to nurse.  Naps were short and unpredictable, and she would often only sleep in my arms.  To say we were exhausted is an understatement.  Our own attempts at sleep training weren't working.  When I looked into sleep specialists, I was worried that we would spend the money and it wouldn't work.  I thought we'd be "that one family" for whom sleep training wasn't successful.  BUT.  On the very first night of Amanda's sleep plan, our daughter slept in her own crib, in her own bedroom, and slept through the night without nursing!!  We were completely stunned.  Also, I was glad that Amanda made our sleep plan gentle.  (We didn't have to do the harsh "cry it out" method, which I struggled with in the past.)  So far, after two weeks, our daughter consistently sleeps through the night in her crib and takes long, predictable naps twice a day.  This has been truly life changing for us!!  And now I don't have to second-guess myself in how to handle sleep issues going forward.  Amanda was extremely professional and friendly, always listened, and took the time to answer my questions thoroughly.  I learned SO MUCH through this process, and I will gladly recommend her to every parent I know!!

I never intended to co-sleep with my son or nurse to sleep either. But, life happens and we fell into that routine when he was born. It worked really well for us for a long time, and Sawyer has always been a great sleeper. When Sawyer turned 16 months though I was really feeling ready to end our nursing sessions and to get him sleeping in his own space. My husband and I were very skeptical about having any success with this. My son is stubborn, he knows what he wants and sure protests when he doesn’t get his way. I didn’t feel like I had the knowledge or the will power to make such a big change on my own. I was afraid I would pick the wrong sleep program or give in as soon as he protested. I was referred to Sleep Well Children and reached out. Amanda got back to me right away and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to get some assistance with this life change. Amanda set up a plan for us and when we were ready to execute it could not have worked better. We really just followed her plan and in 4 days my son was sleeping through the night in his own crib without nursing. Sawyer now sleeps from 7 pm to 7 am and takes a 1 to 2 hour nap everyday all in his own crib. We are done nursing, and Sawyer is sleeping better than ever. Amanda was extremely helpful, answered all of my questions and was a great support working through a tough transition for me. We are highly satisfied customers and would and do recommend Sleep Well Children to anyone who is looking for some assistance!

Dear Sleep Well,

We would like to sincerely thank you for having helped us accomplish in only a few weeks what seemed before to be an impossible transition. Our daughter now goes to sleep every night on her own, puts herself back to sleep, and wakes up every morning in the best mood. After over two and a half years of unintended co-sleeping, with her going to bed late, waking multiple times each night and unable to fall asleep on her own, we were so overwhelmed and almost desperate for change. However, it was very difficult to make changes when we were both exhausted and just barely making it through each week.

We had read so many sleep books, from Weissbluth to Ferber and Waldburger/Spivack. These books are well intended but deal in generalities and do not provide the guidance and detail to make a successful co-sleeping transition. When you’re exhausted, you want a straightforward answer, not 400 pages of reading. We had tried cry it out and other ideas in the past, however, each time was a failure and left us feeling even more helpless. When we began working with you, we never imagined that the transition could go so well and, even now, are in disbelief. We are sleeping in our own bed together for the first time since our daughter was born and actually have real free time in the evening, the importance of which I can’t emphasize enough . My daughter wakes up refreshed and rather than zoning out in front of the TV during the mornings, she now plays and has happy energy. Her mood during the day is much more consistent and it’s reassuring to know that she’s on a healthy sleep schedule. Every night, we still can’t believe that she climbs into bed and stays there without us in the room and simply goes to sleep. And we’re even more amazed to wake up in the morning and discover that she’s stayed in her bed all night!

We wish that we had discovered you sooner. Next time around, we’ll be consulting with you from the beginning!

Allan and Tara

Amanda was the best friend I never knew I needed! Lol. She helped transition our son to independent sleep by creating an easy to follow and logical plan that actually worked! And worked quickly! 
She also was my shoulder to lean on as a fellow Mom who knows how hard it can be to make changes with our precious little ones. She was there to assure me it was going well and that my son was not only ok, but benefiting from better sleep. She was SO right! He’s a different baby now- so happy and rested. (And so am I) 
I cannot thank Amanda enough for her support and encouragement for those first few nights when I was second guessing myself. And I cannot recommend her enough for her expertise and thorough plan and information. She has provided us with a long-term comprehensive plan through his toddler years. I no longer get anxious thinking about the elusive topic of baby sleep. 
It was the best investment we’ve made that benefits our both son and our home! I simply don’t know how we survived for so long without sleep training. 
Thank you! 

Sleep Well,

Thank you so much for helping me with my kids, Brock (15 months) and Kinsley (4 years).  

I’m finally getting to sleep through the night after 4 years of being up with the kids at least once a night!!

Brock went from sleeping in our bed and waking up twice a night to sleeping 11 to 12 hours a night in his own room. He no longer has to be nursed to sleep anymore either. He is happy getting rocked for just a few minutes and he ASKES to get in his crib now. He is also napping during the day for at least 2 hours, in his crib. A miracle! “Teaching” him how to sleep has made him and his mommy happier people.

Kinsley is now going up to her own bed and sleeping for 11 to 12 hours a night. She always wanted to sleep with us or have us sleep in her bed. With the “tools” you have given me, I can now get her to fall asleep and stay asleep in her room.

After I “trained” my kids to sleep properly I had to then train myself to sleep through the night. We are all happier people because of the help you provided to us! I would recommend you and this program to anyone!

Thanks so much,

Trisha Kelly

Amanda has been a total life-changer for me and my family. By the time I reached out to her, I was pretty sure that NOTHING would be able to help my 2.5 year old go to sleep by himself and stay asleep through the night. I needed to lie next to him until he fell asleep every night (sometimes for an hour), and then he would wake up multiple times every night crying if we didn't stay next to him through the night. I thought I had tried everything, and had kind of resigned myself to having to sleep next to him until... oh I don't know... high school??? I am happy to report that after a couple weeks of consistency and dedication, and with fantastic support and guidance from Amanda, my son is not only happily (and quickly!) falling asleep by himself at night, but staying asleep until morning! Even on the rare occasion that he wakes up in the middle of the night now, he goes right back to sleep with a gentle reminder that it's still sleep time. It honestly feels like a miracle. I would recommend Amanda's sleep consultation services without hesitation to anyone having difficulties with getting their child(ren) to sleep. She is so caring, understanding, knowledgeable and easy to talk to.  I was initially incredibly skeptical about whether or not she could help with our situation... but I'm thrilled to say that she most definitely did!!! 

Since birth our wee one has been a terrible sleeper due to serious allergies that would wreak havoc on his poor little body. His naps consisted of 15-20 minutes on a good day with him waking numerous times throughout the night crying for hours. Due to this we were well versed in the many books that promised to get your baby sleeping through the night, we mastered soothing and swaddling techniques, and I completely changed my diet eliminating all of the foods he had allergies too…yet none of this hard work reaped any rewards. My pediatrician and GI both said that hopefully as he grew out of his allergies he would learn to get the sleep he was in desperate need of, but as of now we would just have to wait it out. (Mind you around 3 years old is when they are anticipating him to grow out of his allergies) This was not an option as our son had been deprived of sleep for the last YEAR (us as well), so we began to see if there was anything left that we hadn’t tried. During the search somehow the stars aligned and a friend of ours who had a VERY similar experience with her son recommended we reach out to the sleep therapist that she used. She had told us that after the program that this therapist constructed for her, her son was sleeping happily throughout the night. We were quite skeptical but thought what the heck lets give it a shot, so we contacted Amanda at Sleep Well Children Consulting. We had a consultation with Amanda where she inquired about our son and what the program would look like that she would create and tailor specifically for him. Amanda was so knowledgeable and optimistic that we were sold after that consultation and set a start date for the program. Going into the program Amanda provided us with in depth tools and instruction on how to succeed. She also provided support via phone check ups, literature, and emails throughout the whole program. She helped us gain confidence, an understanding of what our son was going through, and helped us be consistent so we would see results. We weren’t confused on what to do anymore as we had a professional coaching us. We stuck with the program 100% and did not second guess the instruction or advice we received from Amanda. In doing we have received the biggest payoff, our son has learned to put himself to sleep for naps and is finally sleeping through the night (hallelujah)!!! I am so happy we took a chance and reached out to Amanda. Sleep Well is truly a blessing in our lives and we are forever grateful for the care and time Amanda put into our family.

Sleep Well,

We want to say thank you so much for helping us help our daughter sleep! We had begun thinking that a life of sleepless nights was what we were in for. Everyone told us.”Oh she is just a fussy baby, she will grow out of it.” No one ever said, “Your daughter is extremely tired and needs more sleep.” But that is what she needed. The first day she had a full night’s rest and good naps she was like a whole new child.  She smiled, laughed, enjoyed life, and was a true joy to be around. Thank you, thank you thank you. We are telling anyone we know who has young kids who don’t sleep to call you.

Thank you so much again.

Pat and Mary

Sleep Well,

I just wanted to thank you so much for helping us to get our children to sleep through the night! We all seem to be much happier probably due to the fact that we aren’t exhausted all the time anymore! Thanks to you, Owen (2yrs) is now sleeping eleven hours straight at night. I never thought this was possible! Also Hadley (3yrs) goes to bed without me laying next to her in bed and also sleeps eleven hours straight. The kids are also LOVING the night time routine. They now know what to expect and that we are serious when it comes to bedtime! It has helped so much! My husband and I can now enjoy our time together at night without having to go into the kid’s rooms every hour! I can’t thank you enough for all your help! I will recommend you to every parent I know! You’re the best.

Heather Oelkers

We contacted Amanda when our daughter was about 7 months old. It had been 7 months of very frustrating nights and exhausted days. Amanda helped us figure out a plan of action for our daughter's constant night wake ups and long crying episodes. She tailored a specific schedule of sleeping and feeding that would lead to long and consistent sleep. After a few days, things started to improve and by the end of the program, we were so relieved to have consistent nights with long stretches of sleep. We went from having almost no time together at night because one of us was trying to get the baby to sleep, to being able to go out on a date and feel confident that she would be asleep for the babysitter the entire time. 

Amanda was so helpful and considerate of our specific goals and respected what our ideal sleep situation looked like. She was always available to address anything that came up and responded quickly with her suggestion of what to do. At our initial consultation, I was nervous that our family would be the one case that this didn't work for. However, I fully trust now that anyone who follows the schedule and stays consistent will be rewarded with a good sleeper!

Sleep Well-

A rundown of our evenings before meeting with you: start bedtime routine around 8 or 8:30, kiddo in bed by 9, me lying outside her door until she fell asleep (sometimes as late as 10 or 10:30 pm), we finally get to bed, kiddo up at 2 or 3 am, we were desperate parents agreeing to sleep with kiddo just to keep the peace and get much-needed sleep, then kiddo up by 7 am. Our 2 1/2 year-old had control of our evenings…meaning we were not spending time as a couple. And I was a sleep-deprived mommy.

– Our evenings after meeting with you: start bedtime routine around 7:15, kiddo in bed by 7:45 pm (without battles), kiddo sleeping through the night by herself until 7 am. We have our evenings back and can spend time together. Our kiddo is well-rested and we are all happier.

Thank you, Shannon, for helping us help our kiddo get to sleep, stay asleep, and sleeping well!


Amanda was so helpful in getting our son to start sleeping through the night. Our first child never had any issues with nighttime or daytime sleep so were very unprepared to deal with our son’s sleep issues. He was unable to take a nap by himself for more than 15-30 minutes and even that was a struggle. At nighttime he would sleep perfectly well so long as he was being held. By about 4 months my husband and I were reaching our limit of sleeplessness and we reached out to Sleep Well Children Consulting. Amanda was very sympathetic to our struggles and assured us that nothing we said was something she hadn’t heard before and that she was confident she could help us. We started the sleep plan when he was 5 months old and within three days our son was sleeping through the night with minimal comfort needed to fall asleep. Since then he has rarely needed any nighttime support and falls asleep quickly. It took about 6 weeks for his naps to stabilize but once they did he averages two hour naps twice a day. It took some time and it was sometimes really hard to stick to the plan but it was effective and our son now sleeps as well as our daughter and my husband and I have finally been able to get some sleep ourselves. I would absolutely recommend the team at Sleep Well Children Consulting!!

Sleep Well,

At 17 months old my daughter was sleeping in her own room and all night but the bed time process consistently took 45 minutes and was later than I would have liked. Shannon gave us a routine to follow and in one week the bedtime routine was cut to 5 minutes and she went to bed just saying night night and no crying. Now she goes to bed at 8:30 each night and she is asleep in literally about 1 min, often even asking to go to bed when she gets tired. Nap works the same way. Shannon is amazing and everything she has told us to do has been backed up with results. Thanks Shannon we love you!

Jenny and Brock

Sleep Well Team,

I can now get our one year old daughter to sleep much better.   She does usually fuss for a bit,but nothing compared to what it used to be.   She’s sleeping through the night and is still taking about a 2 hr nap in the AM and usually a1 hr nap in the PM.

Everything is going beautifully and we really appreciate all your work and support!  There’s no doubt in my mind if we didn’t have you we’d still be getting up 3-5 times a night.

We’re all much more rested and she’s so much happier now that she’s getting about 15 hours of sleep a day!!

 We cannot thank you enough!!!

Sara, Jeff and the girls 

I was nervous to sleep train my daughter until I heard about Sleep Well Children. I anticipated an upset baby and days of seemingly endless crying. This program was the right one for my family. Working with Amanda from Sleep Well Children enabled us to gently sleep train my baby girl and after just a few days she was sleeping 10-12 hours each night and going down easily for regular naps throughout the day. Amanda provided exactly the comfort, support, and encouragement and the tools that we needed to be successful. I very highly recommend this program and working with Amanda if you want a painless, gentle way to sleep train your baby. Over a month later, she's still sleeping through the night, and so am I!"

Sleep Well was a tremendous help to our entire family.  We have three little ones ages 4 1/2, 2 1/2 and 7 months.  Before we met Shannon bedtime was a nightmare in our house.  Although our 7 month old would sometimes fall asleep on his own, he wouldn’t stay asleep for long and putting the older two to bed was usually a several hour process involving lots of arguing and getting out of bed. And by the time the older ones were settled the baby was usually up again.  Our youngest was waking up several times a night, sometimes every hour or two.  We were totally exhausted and didn’t know what to do!  We had read lots of sleep books, but didn’t know how to best implement the specific strategies to suit our unique family’s needs.  Fortunately, that’s where Shannon was able to help. With her expertise and attention to each individual family’s needs and parenting styles, she was able to write personalized sleep plans for all our our kids and coach, support and encourage us every step of the way while we implemented them.  Thanks to Sleep Well the bedtime routine in our house is now enjoyable and our entire family is so much more well rested.  We are so thankful for her help and the gift of a good night’s sleep!


Amanda was truly a life saver for us in helping us navigate the complicated world of infant sleep. While we had sleep trained in the past with our first son, it was so different with a younger baby in a different stage. Amanda helped guide us through the process, answered all of our questions and tailored the programs to ours and our baby’s specific needs. Initially, we were up 6 times or more a night with sporadic naps but with Amanda’s help, we were down to 3 night wakings the first night. By the end of our two weeks, we were consistently only having one wake up per night and consistent naps. Thank you for your help Amanda!

Sleep Well-

Thank you so much for helping us get Grace’s sleeping on track. I had no idea what a difference sleeping through the night would make until we started working with you. Grace (nine months old) was going to bed late & still waking up twice a night to eat. She was also struggling with her naps, usually falling asleep in the car for short periods of time. After just the second night of following the plan you devised for her, Grace slept 12 hours straight, took a two hour nap in the morning & a one hour nap in the afternoon! It took longer for me to get my sleep schedule squared away than it did her!! Needless to say, she continues to sleep that well every night & day. Grace is doing awesome & I feel like a new person, too!  You are amazing, and we are so grateful for your expertise, guidance & support. Without it, we would still be struggling with a drawn out bedtime routine & sleepless nights. We truly appreciate the time you took to come up with a sleep plan that was both specific to Grace’s needs & consistent with our parenting approach. Believe me, I will continue to tell anyone & everyone about our positive experience with you.

Thank you again so much for helping us to give Grace the gift of good sleep!

Amy, Dan & Grace Harrington

Sleep Well,

I cannot thank you enough for helping me and my family with our sleep issues.  As a new mother, I had read countless articles and books about how to get my child to sleep better.  After a year of trying on and off to “sleep train”, I was still waking up two to three times a night to nurse my daugher Henley.  After just two sessions with you on the phone and a few pages of instructions, Henley was sleeping through the night.  The guidelines of your sleep program are so straight forward, and when followed precisely, have quick and effective results. The support and reassurance you give is wonderful, and your confidence in the program gave ME the confidence to feel like I knew exactly what I was doing.  Henley went from two to three night wakings per night, to at least eleven hours of uninterrupted sleep.  She also transitioned from two “hopefully-forty-five-minute-naps”  to naps that last at least an hour and a half.  We are all much happier, and I know I have given my daughter the skills she needs in order to be a good sleeper for the rest of her life.  I will be recommending you and your program to anyone I know of that is having trouble getting their children to sleep well.  Thank you, again!

Elise, Nathaniel, and Henley Harris

At our 9 month check-up, we told our son’s pediatrician how we suffered a major sleep regression, which made Nate wake up every 2-3 hours and have a hard time falling back asleep without being nursed. She recommended Sleep Well Children to us. Amanda explained their approach thoroughly and we approved of their approach. No exaggeration, it only took us one rough night to get him to sleep from bedtime until morning. It has been 3 weeks and smooth sailing. I loved having an expert provide me with answers on what was going on with naps and suggestions on how to improve things. I feel more confident on how to handle any night wakings and deal with sleep schedule setbacks. I am happy to provide a testimonial and for anyone still on the fence, I highly recommend you try them. Thank you for letting us all get some much needed sleep!

Good morning Sleep Well. You have a new biggest fan…ME. I have to tell you we have been using your “schedule” since the day after the seminar and loving it. I sat the kids down the next day and told them all about it and made sure they were all jazzed up for it. Max didn’t nap that day so we started promptly at 7 and by 7:45 he was asleep. I’ve only had to ever shut his door completely one time. Not sure if this program is a miracle or if I was looking for a miracle! Every child is going to bed after the routine and sleeping 12hours (they are all still asleep now; which is why I can write this). The girls use to get up 4-5xs EACH at bedtime for one thing or another but seriously after their story and a prayer I don”t hear from them. My oldest (12) said his favorite part of bedtime is “when I kiss him, tell him I love him and good night.”  I like that part too but my favorite part is not yelling anymore!!! and sleeping in my bed. Sleep Well Team thanks for the dose of common sense. I will recommend you to EVERYONE!!!  You rock!

Have a grand day.

Kathleen, Gary, Zach, Ryan, Colleen, Maggie, Molly and Maximus Harvey

Sleep Well,

We are so excited that our five month old is sleeping through the night and putting herself to sleep.  We were blessed with a great sleeper until about three months of age and then she began to wake up three to four times a night to eat.  It was exhausting for us.  On top of that it took us upwards of an hour to put her to sleep. After ONE week on your plan our daughter is now sleeping eleven to twelve hours a night, taking three good naps and best of all, putting herself to sleep.  My husband and I are able to enjoy our evenings again and I have renewed energy during the day.  Best of all, our daughter is sleeping well, is happy and healthy during the days and I have the energy to play with her.

One of the best parts of the plan for my husband and I was that there was no crying it out or anything we were uncomfortable with.  In fact, if we were uncomfortable with anything you were able to give us an alternative.  Now, we spend time reading with our girl, singing songs and cuddling before telling her we love her and letting her get the rest she needs.

Thanks Shannon!

Katherine and Nathan

The Sleep Well Team are miracle workers! As a first time mom, I had no clue how to address
my baby’s sleep needs. I was reading every book out there but still couldn’t find the best approach for our daughter. When our baby was around seven months we contacted Shannon, and we wish we had done so earlier! She came up with a plan that worked like magic! Our baby went from sleeping in bed with us, waking up every two hours, to sleeping through the night (7:30pm-7am) in her crib on night two of the plan. We were amazed as we had tried several other methods to no avail. She is on a consistent nap schedule that she adjusted to within a day. We are now a well rested family. Shannon works on creating positive sleep associations and creating a comfortable and nurturing bedtime routine. We did not want to do cry it out method and Shannon’s gentle techniques taught us how to give Eva the sleep she needs. We are very pleased with Shannon’s approach. We cannot recommend her enough! Thank you so much Shannon for giving Eva the important gift of sleep and the ability to self soothe!

Before Amanda Medley’s help, our son would wake up 4-5 times a night.  Within 2 weeks he was sleeping through the night.  I do not know if I can accurately describe how much she helped us.  She listened to our routine and issues to develop a comprehensive plan.  The plan had a gradual process to teach us as well as our son to sleep.  If we did have any issues arise, Amanda was quick to respond to our emails.  
When we were looking into a sleep consultant, I did not believe there was any way that within 2 weeks we would be sleeping through the night.  I was skeptical about the lofty promises of results.  Today, I proudly say that hiring Amanda was the best money I have ever spent.  She was a complete game changer for us, and I hope she can be for you too.”

Sleep Well, 
For 20 months our sweet Callaway was a pretty good little sleeper, and then storm season came.  Living in Oklahoma, you never know what the storm season will bring and the spring of 2013 brought several severe thunderstorms, flooding, mini tornadoes, and an F5 tornado that no one will soon forget.  Callaway started by coming into our room and asking to get in bed when he was “scared”.  Soon after that he would ask to take naps and go to bed in mommy and daddy’s bed. By the time I contacted Shannon, I was 11 weeks pregnant with our second child, tired, stressed, and was choosing to sleep on the couch so that I could get a little bit of sleep, due to the 21 month old little boy that was snuggling in bed with Daddy.
As far as children go, everyone tells me “you’ll never get another that sweet” all too often.  Having a sweet little boy, I wasn’t interested in the CYO method or locking his door from the outside until he “figured out” that he just had to stay in bed, I was looking for something suited for my “sweet baby boy”.  After just one week of working with Shannon, I had a little boy who was going to bed without a fight, and after two weeks, was staying in his own bed all night long. Shannon was wonderful about addressing my child as a unique individual who had specific needs.  She took the time to explain why she chose the methods she used and why they were important for Callaway.  Working with Sleep Well has turned my household evenings into an enjoyable time and has made my stress of worrying about a new baby coming into this world (and the lack of sleep that automatically comes with that), a lot less stressful.  
Thanks Sleep Well!

Hi Sleep Well –

I want to thank you for all your help with Carter’s sleep. We would still be fighting bedtime and naps, and ultimately having him sleeping in our bed if it wasn’t for your sleep plan for him. My husband and I are so happy to have our evenings together starting at 7p! I never thought the day would come when Carter would want to go down for his nap and for bed at night before his little brother. When he wakes once at night, it is to use the potty on his own and then he is back to bed! You have helped our family to enjoy and look forward to night time. We are all happier and well rested thanks to you!

Thanks Again,

Amanda helped us go from sleepless in Seattle to reliably sleeping through the night. We needed a plan and someone to help us execute that plan. That's exactly what we got with Amanda and we couldn't recommend her more highly

The one thing I can say about this whole process and the results from Sleep Well’s program is that it is life changing. I had not slept through the night since before my 10 month old son was born, and I never thought I would again until we started this program. He would wake up 5-6 times a night to nurse and needed us to co-sleep next to him the entire time. It was taking a toll on our family, so we contacted Shannon. Shannon went through each of the issues we wanted to address and made a step by step plan for us to follow. While the first night was hard to get through, we felt supported by Shannon and were able to address any issues we came across with her. After a week of implementing our new system, I feel like I have a well rested and happy son! He has slept through the night (12 hours) in his own room since night 3 of the plan. My husband and I can now enjoy time spent together after our son goes to bed, and we are also sleeping through the night! Thank you so much, Sleep Well!     Teri

Sleep Well,

Thank you, Thank you. Before your Sleep Well program my husband and I would dread bedtime. With a 1 year old, a 2 1/2 year old and a 4 year old bedtime at our house was chaos. We would start around 7:30 or 8:00 pm. Bath, stories and brushing teeth would take an hour or more. Then there were requests for water, potty, more toys etc. Our four year old often did not fall asleep until 10:30 or 11pm. Because we only have 3 bedrooms and our older two children were so rowdy at night our youngest was still sleeping in our room. I would wake up to nurse her at least once every night.

For some reason we thought we should be able to improve things without outside help. When it became clear we needed help we read sleep books, we talked to other parents and we talked to our pediatrician. Nothing helped much or for long.

Now, after your program, all three kids are asleep most nights by 7:45! Our youngest and oldest are happily sharing a bedroom. Honestly, I did not think it was possible. We are getting sleep. Finally. We have our bedroom back. My husband and I have some time at the end of the day to spend together as a couple. Your program has changed our lives. I would recommend you and your program to anyone!

Britt, Jon and the kids

Words cannot express our gratitude for Sleep Well! At almost 3 months old our baby, Spenser, began to wake every 10-45 minutes during the night. At a loss, we did what most parents do: we figured out what seemed to make Spenser sleep and that is what we did. For us, that meant rocking, singing, pacifier, dancing, music, looking out the window while being bounced, stroller or car (although that seemed pointless since he would wake and scream when moved from the car seat), and, finally, being fed then held and rocked all night long. Even in our arms, Spenser would only stay asleep for up to two hours, then would demand to be breastfed and rocked again. Within a few weeks Spenser would scream for an hour or more before falling asleep, fuss most of the day due to exhaustion, and only slept if he was in our arms. We decided to take shifts: my husband stayed up til 2am, I woke up at 2am. I began to show signs of post-partum depression; my husband missed time at work. We started to wonder, terrified, if there was something more serious going on here. We were trying so hard to take care of our baby, but it just kept getting worse.
By four months old, we were desperate for help. Thank the heavens, we came across Shannon Glenn. Her understanding, humor and compassion were a welcome addition to our chaotic family life! I was afraid a baby as young as Spenser could not be sleep trained, or worse that we would somehow hurt his attachment to us if we did not keep doing what we were doing. But I also knew that what we were doing was not working. Spenser was miserable, my husband and I were exhausted, and the whole family felt stressed to the breaking point. After talking to Shannon I could see that she had the expertise, experience , and know-how we would need to be guided through this process. She took the time to answer all of my questions and soothe my anxiety. Most of the time she was one step ahead – like she could guess what Spenser would do next! Most important of all, of course, were the results…
My baby can sleep! Hallelujah! The first night we had to hunker down at bedtime and stay consistent, but Spenser slept in his crib that night and did not need to be soothed at all after bedtime! After one night feeding (appropriate for this age), we actually had to wake him in the morning. I was ready for a fight at naptime because he had never slept well during the day – only three 35 minute naps in my arms. The very first day, Spenser began napping in the crib. Within 2 days my husband and I were looking at each other after bedtime and during naps as if to say, “Holy cow, what do we do with all this free time?” We are sleeping at night, spending time together, and most joyfully of all have discovered that our baby, now well-rested, is easy-going, playful, and happy. Our lives have changed completely. We are more grateful than we can ever express to Shannon Glenn!!


We found Sleep Well when our Edie was 4.5 months old and struggling with sleep (we all were!). We had no real schedule, Edie was still being swaddled, using a pacifier, and sleeping in the newborn napper attachment to the pack-n-play. We were up several times a night even on good nights and had no predictable nap schedule. We were all overtired and desperate for better sleep.

From the first days of implementing Shannon’s plan for us, life was so.much.better! Edie was sleeping 12 hours at night (waking once to nurse) immediately, and napping consistently within a week. It’s amazing how much better we all function with good sleep (especially Edie).

We couldn’t believe how easy it was with Sleep Well’s help. She is kind, knowledgable, and very professional. I would (and have) recommend her to anyone struggling with their child’s sleep.


Dear Sleep Well,

Hudson truly is sleeping like a champ. He hasn’t cried at bedtime in over a month, just chatters to the stuffed dog that he has started sleeping with. His morning wakeup time is finally getting later, now it rare to hear from him before 6:30 am, and there has been a nice number of mornings when he isn’t up until close to 7:00 am. The nice thing is he doesn’t wake up crying anymore, he will just sit or lay in his crib and play with his stuffed “goggie” until we go get him. He has become more flexible about his nap time and bed time, too. So if we are a little off schedule because of activities it doesn’t completely screw up his nap or night anymore (thank goodness). We try not to push it too often, but as you well know some days it just can’t be helped.

Thank you so much!

I heard about Sleep Well from a friend and was at a point with my 2 year old, Brooklyn, where I was exhausted, frustrated, and basically at a loss for how to help her sleep through the night. I would have anxiety as I went to bed (pregnant at this time) that she would be waking up multiple times through the night. I had mulled over calling Sleep Well for a few weeks but finally, in April, decided to take the plunge and get help.

First of all, I was incredibly impressed with Shannon’s knowledge. I could tell right away she knew what she was doing, was very confident in her methods and cared about children and their health and habits. Shannon gave us a very detailed plan to help Brooklyn get to bed earlier (at this point she wasn’t going to bed until around 10!) and to start sleeping through the night. My husband and I committed and within a few days it was working! We got the support we needed through phone calls with Shannon and she’s even helped me with my 5 month old.

I cannot say enough about Shannon’s professionalism, dedication and thorough knowledge of children’s sleeping habits. She is incredible and we are so, so glad we made the choice to enlist her help. She is worth her weight in GOLD!


Everyone expects to be tired when they have a baby, but one year after my second daughter was born, I was more than tired. I was up between 5-10 times per night breastfeeding my daughter and was getting approximately 3-4 hours of sleep total. I was exhausted and depleted. I knew I couldn’t continue doing our usual “routine” much longer. I was not on board for leaving my baby to cry it out by herself and was searching for an answer. Someone told me about Sleep Well and I signed up immediately. Shannon explained to me that her goal for our daughter was 10-12 hours or sleep at night in 2 weeks! I literally started laughing out loud on the phone. I thought there was no way that could happen, but hoped to at least see some improvement. After a few nights of following Shannon’s plan, our daughter slept 12 hours. The improvement is remarkable and it came just in time. I feel like I have my sanity back and I am a better mom to both of my daughters now that I am getting sleep again. There has been marked improvement in my baby’s attitude, as she is getting more sleep now also. We are so grateful for the help Sleep Well provided in getting our family back on track again.

Thank you!

Sleep Well helped us teach our son to sleep. They created a consistent schedule for him (and us!) that made all the difference. In a week’s time, our son adapted and is a much happier, well-rested baby. Which means we are much happier and well-rested parents! Sleep Well’s price structure was very reasonable and fair for the amount of time they spent working with us. We would highly recommend them for any parents who need some sleep coaching for their little one.

Thank you!
Ali and Hal

I have a breast-feeding six month old who, until recently, was waking every few hours. To say I was sleep-deprived is an understatement. I was considering hiring a night nurse, but decided against it because of the expense and because I did not want a stranger in my home. Through Facebook, an acquaintance recommended Sleep Well. I was skeptical but desperate, but my first conversation with Shannon gave me hope. Her communication style is clear, and she speaks as an expert but also as a mother. She quickly figured out what I should be doing differently and together we devised a plan to reach my goal. I’m happy to say that my baby is now sleeping through the night.

There are two specific things that I liked about working with Shannon…First is that she stuck with me UNTIL I reached my goal. We had a few setbacks (illness and a vacation in a different time zone), which we were able to address and quickly correct. Second, unlike a night nurse who will do the work FOR you, with Shannon, YOU are in charge, which is ultimately very empowering as a parent.

It’s your child, but sometimes it takes a village!

Elizabeth, Milwaukee, WI

Before we met Sleep Well our 6 month old twin girls never slept. They would
nap for maybe 20 minutes if we were lucky, and at night they were awake and
screaming, sometimes every 30 minutes. We tried everything, read everything
and got advice from friends and family. None of it worked. We tried getting
them to sleep in their cribs by ourselves, rocking them, singing to them –
using every gadget out there: strollers, bouncers, swings, soothers. You
name it, we tried it. So when a friend heard about Shannon, the “baby sleep
whisperer” we were doubtful – but so sleep deprived we were ready to try
anything. The first night we were shocked at how quickly the twins went to
sleep. They even slept through the night during the first two weeks. Even
now almost 2 months after consulting with Shannon our girls are sleeping
through the night and napping like champions. And that means mom and dad
are finally getting some sleep! We can’t say enough about Shannon and her
methods, she has made all the difference in our household and we can’t
thank her enough.

Nicole and Brad

Our eight month old was sleeping through the night at five months, but then a trip to Mexico and teething hit, and we ended up returning to rocking or nursing him to sleep. He was back to waking up 1-4 times through the night with sporadic naps, usually not longer than 30-45 minutes. After our consultation, which didn’t include cry-it-out suggestions, we had a plan and a loose “schedule”. Our son now sleeps 11 hours straight at night and takes two naps a day, at least an hour long each. He goes right to sleep for naps and bedtime – and in between, he is a totally different baby – happy, busy, learning new things. I would recommend Sleep Well to anyone!

Thanks again!
Carrie & BJ

When we started with Sleep Well, our almost 5 month old son was waking three times per night to feed, often took 30 minute naps, and liked to be bounced to the drowsy point before each nap and at bedtime. We were unsure how to drop the swaddle or some feeds, but were not comfortable with any extended crying from the baby. The plan Sleep Well wrote addressed all our concerns, but we were still unsure how our son would do. The first night, he was able to soothe himself to sleep in under 30 minutes, with our support as Sleep Well outlined. He only had two feeds that night. Now a few weeks later, he is only feeding once most nights and has slept through the night twice! He goes down easily for naps starting from fully awake and consistently puts himself back to sleep if he wakes before an hour. Shannon was incredibly patient and helpful with all our questions and we are so pleased with all the progress our son has made. It’s great to know he now has the sleep skills he needs for independent sleep!

We want to thank you for working with us, and being so attentive and detail-oriented toward our child’s needs. We really appreciate your guidance, and I believe you have truly helped our little family in such a big way! Our relationship as husband and wife has improved, we don’t argue over sleep anymore, and now we can enjoy our son even more than before. Gregory has always been a happy, easy-going baby, but now he is even more so and we can hardly keep up, he has tons of energy now! Things have definitely changed for us for the best with your help. Thank you so much Sleep Well!

Polina, Steven & Gregory

Who we are: Two full-time working parents

Our child: almost 3 years old son, with a strong will and need for independence!

Life before working with Sleep Well: Always tired and irritable from lack of sleep! Naptimes were unpredictable, but oh my god, bedtime was the worst! Our son would fight sleep, sometimes prolonging bedtime to 2+ hours. He was constantly tired or hyper and hated to be left alone in his bedroom at night. Every night he’d wake up and come to our bed to sleep – where neither parent was able to sleep well as we received elbows in the ribs and feet in our face! We were tired, irritable and miserable!

Life after working with Sleep Well: On the first night we saw a difference. But night 3, we knew this plan was working. I can’t say enough how life-changing this experience has been. Bedtime is now an enjoyable bonding time, not a fight of wills. Our toddler enjoys the bedtime routine that Shannon established for him and falls asleep within minutes of us turning off the light. We have no more night wakings, he wakes up at the same time everyday, and we’ve seen an improvement on his behavior throughout the day now that he is well-rested.
The Process: Not only do we have predictability with our child’s sleep, but we learned about the fascinating science behind our toddler’s need for sleep and how it differs from us. We appreciated how much time was taken to get to know us, our parenting style, and our son’s behavior to formulate a specific and tailored plan just for us. Unbeknownst to us, we had been setting some poor sleep behaviors in the past. Knowing what we know now, we see how detrimental it was for our son’s sleep patterns. Shannon was never judgmental. Instead she explained why and how to implement the plan. We stuck with it and are so glad we did.

After 7 months of having our son wake up every 2 hours we were desperate for a solution to help our son sleep and gain back some sanity. We had tried and failed at the Ferber method as well as the Jay Gordon method and were on the verge of accepting a child whose sleeping habits were on par with military style torture. We heard about a magical sleep consultant that could solve our issues. Despite being skeptical we were open to anything and desperate. Not going to lie we really thought that we would be told small things to make him more comfortable so you can only imagine our shock when we received an 11 page program that went into every single detail including feedings, naps, bedtime, night wakings and more. After the first night he slept through the night without any parent involvement. From waking every 2 hours to sleeping 12 full hours we now have sanity back in our lives. Sleep Well is a magic worker and well worth the price to ensure your child gets the sleep he or she needs. The biggest takeaway was that great sleep also helps with nutrition and overall baby happiness so it may very well be the most important thing you could do for your baby.

Thank you!

How can I express what a tremendous benefit you have been to our family. Several weeks ago the majority of my evenings began in tears as I bounced, jiggled, rocked, ran and shooshed my 4 month old son to sleep then with surgical precision placed him into the crib, often only succeeding after several attempts. The evenings gave way to a night filled with bleary eyed trips to and from his bedroom where I would wearily stand over his crib and use my finger as a pacifier wondering if he was hungry or hurting or sick. By four in the morning he was in bed with my husband and I which was hardly a restful situation where a did my best to nurse him into oblivion so I could find sleep myself. As the sun rose the next morning things were hardly brighter. My lovely little babe was fussy from dawn till dusk making it difficult to be a positive mother for my other well rested son. I again nursed, and bounced him to sleep for naps, at times for 45 minutes only to get EXACTLY a thirty minute nap.
Then came you… You immediately assessed the situation, listened to our needs and helped us find a game plan. A detailed game plan, with exact rules and regulations specific to our situation. This was exactly what my very tired mind needed. Within the first night we could not believe that we only had to get up with our babe once! Within a few days naps had lengthened and he wasn’t waking at all in the night, even to nurse! His progress makes us so proud of him and we feel bolstered by your guidance, knowledge and kindness. We know that as he grows you have given us the tools to deal with any sleep difficulties we may face. Thank you so very much for what you do and the way you do it!

Sleep Well is AMAZING. They changed our lives overnight. Our 8 month old son had been waking up every 1-3 hours to nurse every night for months before a friend recommended Sleep Well’s services. I was extremely worried about the amount of crying that might ensue – we had been putting off trying any form of “sleep training” because I did not want to leave our baby alone to cry. I was sent several articles about sleep and babies before we got started, and developed a sleep plan for us following a phone conversation, a questionnaire and 48 hours worth of sleep logs. The plan she made for us felt right for us, even before we got started. It felt much more nurturing than the cry-it-out methods that we’d been reading about, which was a relief to me. The plan was also extremely thorough, which made it very easy to follow. The first night went much better than we expected- and Shannon predicted everything that would happen, which made it really easy to trust the plan. After just one night our baby was sleeping through the night without us needing to go in and intervene!! It was incredible. Now, for the first time in his life he is consistently falling asleep on his own for all naps and bedtime, and able to stay asleep for 11 hours every night. The change was almost instantaneous, with very little crying. We couldn’t believe it. Shannon was also wonderful about calling throughout the process and promptly responding to my (many) questions via email as we went along. I don’t know how we were able to function before on such interrupted sleep!! Not only are we now well rested, but our stress levels have dramatically reduced as well. Our baby also seems happier and so much more rested and energetic. We can’t thank Shannon enough!!

Sleep Well has been such a huge help in our journey to better sleep for our twin boys. She effectively walked us through getting rid of the night time wake ups looking for the pacifier and our son hasn’t woken in the night crying for it since. Our other son woke super early every morning and would cry until we begrudgingly got him up, then he would only nap 30 min twice a day. Sleep Well helped us by adjusting our sleeping times and after a few weeks he really got the hang of sleeping better and self soothing more! We’re so appreciative!!

Thank you again for your help, it’s been an amazing transformation of our lives. Our 10 month old baby had been waking 3-5 times a night and it would often take him over an hour to get him sleep. In 3 days our little one was getting the sleep that he needs and so were we! We appreciate your professionalism and thoroughness as well as your understanding of the situation from a parent and baby perspective. There was very minimal crying because I think the approach made everything very clear and easy for Felix. Now he actually looks forward to bedtime and is asleep within 10 minutes.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for all you have done for my family. The improvement in my son’s sleep is truly amazing! Our family was really struggling prior to your help. My son (16 months) was waking every 45 minutes on a bad night and every 2 hours on a good night. This had been his pattern since he was 5 months old. His pediatrician and I ruled out potential medical reasons for why he could be waking so often. He just had a very strong sleep association with breastfeeding. Our night time routine used to consist of me nursing him to sleep and then laying him down in his crib ever so carefully without waking him so I could run go hurriedly eat dinner and shower before his first wake up. It would sometimes take up to an hour to get him to sleep the first time. You could almost set your watch for 1 hour before he would be awake again. My husband would go up to attempt to calm him, but he wanted no part of dada at night. So, my husband would bring him down to our room…and when I say “our room” I mean my son’s and my room because my husband had moved to another bedroom many months prior. My husband and I actually wanted to co-sleep with our son but what we were doing was co-waking….all night long. The situation was just not working for anyone anymore. It was obvious that our son was sleep deprived. I was a zombie, and my relationship with my husband was really becoming strained because we spent so little time together. I kept thinking that eventually my son would outgrow these night wakings and that we would all three sleep peacefully together for at least a 4 hour stretch. It never happened. Things just kept getting worse. I finally reached out for help and found Shannon. I am happy to report that my son now sleeps peacefully in his crib for 11 hours straight every night! I didn’t think that was a possibility for us. Shannon’s approach is a gentle and very effective method that really does teach your child how to develop the very important sleep skill of self soothing. I was amazed to watch my son learn to sleep on his own. You really do get to watch this transformation because you or your partner are right there with them the entire time. The are never left alone to just CIO. My son now knows exactly when bedtime is and will reach for the crib! He will often look up from the crib after we lay him down and say “shhh shhh” and then snuggle his teddy bear! Amazing! Was it hard to part from my ideal co-sleeping plan? Yes. Is it great to wake every morning feeling rested and having a son that is really thriving with his drastically increased amount of sleep? Yes. I had to do what was best for him and giving him the gentle push he needed towards independent sleep was what he and our family needed. If you are like I was a few weeks ago and are spending way to much of your time thinking about, talking about, and googling how to get your child to sleep, then please contact Sleep Well. I know they can help you tremendously while guiding you and encouraging you through the entire process. THey give you all the tools you need to be successful and is there to help every step of the way. Thanks again Sleep Well for helping our family become well rested!

You are a hero in our house. We went from a crazy hour-plus bedtime routine, winding up a few hours later with our son sleeping in bed with us, to a smooth, easy bedtime routine and our son sleeping in bed by himself all night. My husband and I have our evenings back, everyone is well rested and we’re all happier for it. Our only regret is that we didn’t call you sooner!!
Thank you times a million!!

A recommendation for Sleep Well came at a time where I felt so desperate. My one and only baby was 8 months old. I hadn’t had solid sleep in 8 months! As a pediatrician, I thought I was ready for everything an infant could throw at me. However, night after night, I wrestled to get him back to sleep with 3-4 awakenings per night. Sure, we had a few good nights thrown in there, but I believe those were pure “luck” or he was just overtired. Naps were unpredictable and a battle themselves. I couldn’t remember the last time I just enjoyed my baby. I was always stressed out about nap and bedtime. I own, and had partially read, 5 different sleeping books (FIVE, people!). My husband was against crying it out, and honestly, it was so hard for me to hear him cry. So I stepped out and made the phone call. I immediately felt reassured. The first 3-4 nights were rough, but Shannon was there to help us troubleshoot and adjust the plan to help fit our family and parenting styles. Night 5…he slept! ALL NIGHT. This continued for several nights, followed by some sleep regression, which Shannon had warned us and prepared us for. With consistency, my baby has continued sleeping through the night, and is going on week 2. He is more happy, playful and is talking up a storm. There is still some fussing when we lay him down in his crib, but this last less than a minute and is to be expected. It’s his winding down time. I hear him wake up sometimes in the middle of the night, but now with the tools we helped teach him, he can soothe himself back to sleep. If your sweet baby is struggling with sleep with multiple wakes per night requiring rocking, feeding, etc., don’t wait! Call Shannon. I highly recommend her and am so grateful for what she has done for Owen and our family. My sincerest thanks, Sleep Well!

My husband and I are so grateful to have worked with Sleep Well to improve our family’s sleep. For 13 months I was sleep deprived and my daughter relied on me for every nap, bedtime, & many, many night wakings. I wanted to be there for her, so I sacrificed my own sleep and therefor my own well being for her. Ultimately, we realized that we were doing her no service by inadvertently prolonging her dependent sleep habits & many hours of frustration and exhaustion for everyone involved. With Sleep Well's help, we soon discovered that we could still be there for her while we taught her new sleep habits – ones that better suited the entire family. Within only a few days, our daughter started putting herself to sleep in her crib & even began sleeping through the night. We were absolutely shocked, as we truly didn’t think our child was capable of this. Two weeks later, she asks to be put down into her crib for her nap/bedtime and rarely cries. There were very difficult moments in the beginning of the big adjustment, and again when she got sick and was teething, but we always felt that we were supporting our child by being there with her through it all, and helping her learn the invaluable lessons of healthy sleep habits. We now all wake up happy, well rested and ready for whatever comes our way. Sleep Well supported us with quick responses to emails and comprehensive phone calls. Thank you so much, Sleep Well.

How can I express what a tremendous benefit you have been to our family. Several weeks ago the majority of my evenings began in tears as I bounced, jiggled, rocked, ran and shooshed my 4 month old son to sleep then with surgical precision placed him into the crib, often only succeeding after several attempts. The evenings gave way to a night filled with bleary eyed trips to and from his bedroom where I would wearily stand over his crib and use my finger as a pacifier wondering if he was hungry or hurting or sick. By four in the morning he was in bed with my husband and I which was hardly a restful situation where a did my best to nurse him into oblivion so I could find sleep myself. As the sun rose the next morning things were hardly brighter. My lovely little babe was fussy from dawn till dusk making it difficult to be a positive mother for my other well rested son. I again nursed, and bounced him to sleep for naps, at times for 45 minutes only to get EXACTLY a thirty minute nap.
Then came you… You immediately assessed the situation, listened to our needs and helped us find a game plan. A detailed game plan, with exact rules and regulations specific to our situation. This was exactly what my very tired mind needed. Within the first night we could not believe that we only had to get up with our babe once! Within a few days naps had lengthened and he wasn’t waking at all in the night, even to nurse! His progress makes us so proud of him and we feel bolstered by your guidance, knowledge and kindness. We know that as he grows you have given us the tools to deal with any sleep difficulties we may face. Thank you so very much for what you do and the way you do it!

After 7 months of having our son wake up every 2 hours we were desperate for a solution to help our son sleep and gain back some sanity. We had tried and failed at the Ferber method as well as the Jay Gordon method and were on the verge of accepting a child whose sleeping habits were on par with military style torture. We heard about a magical sleep consultant that could solve our issues. Despite being skeptical we were open to anything and desperate. Not going to lie we really thought that we would be told small things to make him more comfortable so you can only imagine our shock when we received an 11 page program that went into every single detail including feedings, naps, bedtime, night wakings and more. After the first night he slept through the night without any parent involvement. From waking every 2 hours to sleeping 12 full hours we now have sanity back in our lives. Shannon is a magic worker and well worth the price to ensure your child gets the sleep he or she needs. The biggest takeaway was that great sleep also helps with nutrition and overall baby happiness so it may very well be the most important thing you could do for your baby.

We want to thank you for working with us, and being so attentive and detail-oriented toward our child’s needs. We really appreciate your guidance, and I believe you have truly helped our little family in such a big way! Our relationship as husband and wife has improved, we don’t argue over sleep anymore, and now we can enjoy our son even more than before. Gregory has always been a happy, easy-going baby, but now he is even more so and we can hardly keep up, he has tons of energy now! Things have definitely changed for us for the best with your help. Thank you so much Sleep Well!

I was truly convinced that sleepless nights were just going to be a part of parenthood for us. We had everyone give us advice (some not asked for) about what to do to get our sweet baby boy to sleep. We would often just smile politely and say thank you when in our heads we were thinking, “We are not dumb! We have tried many different things to try to get our son to sleep better, none of them have worked!!” We really did try several times to get him to sleep better and sometimes we would see a little success, other times a total fail! So when a friend said they knew a friend who knew a friend who worked with Sleep Well, “I said what is the number, I need to call them NOW!” I will admit I was a little hesitant and skeptical that this would work for our little guy, after all we tried everything! But we were desperate for sleep! Sleep Well’s sleep plan was very thorough and made good sense and we trusted she was guiding us in the right direction and guess what?!? It worked! Within two weeks our son who used to pitch the biggest fit anytime he even thought we wanted him to go to sleep, was happily going through the bedtime routine Shannon laid out for us and actually laying down in his crib awake! We couldn’t believe our eyes!! There here’s the next part…..he stayed asleep!! No longer are we cringing as we tip toe out of the room hoping and praying he will sleep for at least a couple hours before waking up because we aren’t tip toeing out of his room! We now say good night to him and leave and he goes to sleep. Then we see his smiling face in the morning when he wakes up and we ask ourselves why didn’t we do this sooner!! We actually watched a movie in its entirety the other night together for the first time in 21 months!! We feel human again and we have a happy, well-rested kiddo too! It was the best money we could ever spent to hire Shannon to help us because we know we could not have figured this out on our own! Thank you Sleep Well!!!!

High praise for Sleep Well! She restored sanity and sleep to our house within a few days. Our 6 month-old son had been waking every 90 minutes! For three months! Every night!
Here’s what makes Shannon especially good at what she does:
1) she is smart
2) she is reasonable (she is not pitching strategies that are either too militant or too abstract)
3) she is experienced . . . the proof of which is in the pudding of sleep you so desperately crave
4) she is a pleasure to work with
Shannon offers a clear, no-nonsense plan tailored to the individual needs of your baby and THAT is worth every penny in saving you the torment of trying “everything in the book” to no avail and then, in a sleep-deprived haze, second guessing your best guess at how to help your little one sleep better. Drop the pride, the debate over cost or whatever it may be — call Sleep Well and get some sleep. They are terrific.

After a few days of working with Sleep Well, my originally skeptical husband said, “She is worth every penny.”
I have now had the pleasure of working with Shannon twice, once with each of my boys.
Like many others have shared, I was desperate with a nearly three-year-old not sleeping through the night, long bedtimes, and a baby on the way.
Sleep Well got us on track, so quickly in fact, that I knew once my baby was born, I would be back to have Shannon help us again.
I reached out to Sleep Well to help get my six month old sleeping through the night. Shannon was so patient in starting our plan, which had to be postponed for an entire month so the baby was well enough to start the training. Once again, the training quickly worked and all in our house were well rested and happier. I have recommended Shannon to several friends and whenever a mom posts on a Facebook group I belong to asking for sleep help, I always recommend Sleep Well Children Consulting!

We can’t thank Sleep Well enough for restoring peace (and sleep) in our home! We came to Sleep Well with 2 sleep issues concerning our 4 year old daughter- the bedtime routine and frequent wakings during the night. The frequent wakings and leaving her room to come to ours were extreme (20-40 x per night), accompanied by tantrums. There was a point in time where we were averaging only 3 hours of sleep per night. Our entire life was being deeply affected by this behavior and we turned to Sleep Well in pure desperation.

Sleep Well took great care in talking with our family to find out what our goals were, customizing an age appropriate plan and providing support during the process. My husband and I both agree is was not only a great lesson in sleeping but also in parenting. It was not always easy but we were equally shocked at how quickly her plan worked. It has been 5 weeks and the bedtime routine now occurs without incident and I am thrilled to report there are no more middle of the night tantrums! We feel like we are back in the land of the living!

I cannot believe that I actually have time to write about this! My life before Sleep Well’s help would not have allowed me to write this without the constant worry of an interruption from a (wonderful, yet cranky) toddler! My now 23-month old son was born with gastrointestinal problems. From the day he was born, up until just a couple weeks ago, he cried most of his life, threw monster fits, disobeyed, and worst of all–DID NOT SLEEP! It has been a long two years of very little sleep. Due to my son’s health (which we later found out he has celiac disease and a dairy allergy), we held him propped up in a recliner chair to help ease his discomfort and firey pain. We did this every single night of his life. Even with that, most nights, he was up every 30-60 minutes screaming and crying. My husband and I were beyond the point of sleep deprivation. It affected our jobs, our parenting, our emotional, mental, and physical states, and we were ready for divorce papers. I felt like a failure as a parent, and like I had no control over my son, or even my own life. I had never been so low.
As my son’s health improved, I began seeking ways to help him sleep. I tried a few things on my own. This only led me to feel that my son was a different case than most people’s “success stories,” and that they just had easier-tempered kids. I was so certain my son was the impossible one who would never figure it out. People kept telling me he would grow out of it, and eventually sleep better, and to wait patiently until that day…but what a daunting and hopeless feeling! My patience was out the door already! Out of desperation, I found Sleep Well (Heaven-sent!). I was still skeptical, though, because my son is the most stubborn and strong-willed child. No joke. Especially when it comes to sleep–I’m talking body-throwing and head-banging tantrums. But, it was either take a chance by hiring a sleep consultant to help him sleep OR get a divorce and tear my family apart even more (while still not sleeping, poorly performing at my job, and bringing me down to major lows!). I thought our marriage and family life would be better if we could simply get sleep, so I gave it a shot.
I was shocked at how the FIRST night of sleep training went! Within only a couple weeks, even a child who had NEVER slept anywhere but someone’s arms has now learned to sleep through the night. He not only learned how to sleep, be he LOVES sleep now! My son realizes it helps him. He tells me when he is tired, and when I lay him down to leave the room, I hear him say a sweet, “Wuv ooh!” (love you). When I quietly shut the door, I watch him fall asleep in the baby monitor within 3-5 minutes, and then the rest of the night, until he wakes up in the morning, is sheer bliss! Three weeks ago, I never would have guessed we’d be to this point. In the beginning, I told myself I’d be grateful if the program even helped him sleep for four hours at a time–but he is now actually sleeping twelve hours STRAIGHT!!! And waking up happy! My mother came to visit and she did not stop talking about how my son is a different boy! He is constantly happy now, he plays independently and is no longer needy, his speech has skyrocketed, he is obedient, he is more explorative, and he is oh so sweet toward others. He has the sweetest little heart that I never got to see until now. Shannon, thank you for helping my son be happier and healthier. Thank you for saving my marriage, my family, my job, and my sanity. I feel human again. Life is good now. I would recommend you to anyone, even if my life depended on it! Enlisting Shannon’s help for our toddler was life altering – in the best possible way. I reached out when our toddler was 22 months old. She had never been a good sleeper and things had steadily devolved over the previous months. We had tried so many things and none of it was working. Plus we were gearing up to having baby #2 in a few months; something had to change. Shannon was very encouraging to work with, very patient, involved, and knowledgeable. She worked with us and our atypical schedule to make a plan/schedule that worked for our family. It has been about three months since we finished working with Shannon, and have since welcomed baby #2. Our now 26 month old toddler regularly sleeps through the night, goes to bed easily, takes awesome naps, and her attitude towards going to sleep and waking up has vastly improved. Her new sleep skills continued to work even when she was at grandma’s house for a week. We cannot thank Sleep Well enough and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs some much needed sleep.

We first contacted Sleep Well shortly before our third baby was due, eager to get better sleeping habits for our 5 and 2.5 year olds before adding a newborn to the mix. Both of our children had difficult patterns of fighting nap time and bedtime, getting up in the middle of the night and very early (5am) waking. Sleep Well transformed our family life and schedule! They listened to our questions and addressed our concerns and came up with a personalized plan for our family. They gave us easy to follow instructions that led to adequate sleep and effective bedtime routines. We all sleep better now (and have our sanity and peaceful evenings back!) because of Sleep Well and are so grateful for their expertise.

We were at our wits end. Our 7 month old son woke up multiple times throughout the night. He was eating more at night than during the day. None of us were getting any sleep and therefore none of us were happy. We called Sleep Well not knowing what else to do. They were able to guide us in the right direction. With Sleep Well’s help our son reversed his eating habits within the first day and was sleeping through the night in the first 2 days. He began to nap more consistently and settled into his new schedule quickly. We cannot express how thankful we are to have Sleep Well as a resource. Their experience and step by step instruction was exactly what we needed.

I can probably count on two hands the number of times I’ve slept through the night since our son was born 3 1/2 years ago. I read every book. Nothing worked well or for very long. We thought it might be situational: Noisy neighbors, chronic sinus issues. But working with you we got him falling asleep in his own bed and sleeping through the night within days. It feels like nothing short of a miracle. It was worth every penny.

My nearly 3-year-old daughter was a good sleeper for most of her early life, but after a vacation that messed up our schedule, we came home to a toddler that fought us tooth and nail to go to sleep. We tried everything and researched online, but found no solutions for this age and our specific sleep problems. Our pediatrician recommended Sleep Well Children Consulting and after our consultation and a solid sleep plan that Shannon put together for us, we saw results almost immediately. Within a week, we had our good sleeper back again and because of Shannon I also feel I have the tools to help my daughter if she has set backs. I highly recommend Shannon and would hire her again in a minute.

I could not be more pleased with the new sleep habits of our little man. We owe it all to Sleep Well! Mason has reflux and would only sleep in his swing or with somebody holding him. At 4 months he was outgrowing the swing and started waking up multiple times a night. My back was killing me from holding him all day and he was so fussy and over tired. Shannon came up with a plan to get Mason into his crib and out of the swing. Within days, Mason was sleeping through the night – IN HIS CRIB! I couldn’t believe it, but two months later he wakes up happy every morning!
I will happily recommend Sleep Well to any and all of my friends dealing with sleep struggles!

My husband and I call 2016 the “Year of No Sleep.” We were prepared for a rough first couple of months when our son, Jack, was born, but we weren’t prepared for him to continue to wake 5-6x a night for the first 13 months of his life. We tried every strategy and read every blog post on the internet about getting your baby to sleep and nothing seemed to help. We were exhausted and it was causing strain and tension in every aspect of our lives. We also knew Jack’s fussy behavior was probably due to his lack of sleep. We all needed a change, so we decided to hire Sleep Well. Jack made progress every night of following her customized plan, and slept through the night (something he had never done before) by the end of the first week! He also began taking consistent, age appropriate naps. His appetite also improved, as did his temperament. We are beyond thrilled with our results! Shannon provided the knowledge and support we needed and helped us stay consistent. We only wish we would have found her 6 months sooner. I’m not exaggerating when I say, this really did change our lives for the better!

“People who say ‘big kids, big problems. Little kids, little problems’ obviously didn’t have an infant that wouldn’t sleep. Because sleep is EVERYTHING. It’s the difference between a good day and a teeth gnashing, hair pulling, ogre-like day. Or, in our case, months. We knew we needed guidance and most importantly confidence in dealing with our six month old baby’s sleeping (or lack thereof.) Sleep Well expertly hashed out a plan that worked with our parenting style and put my husband and me on the same ‘sleep train’ page. We saw and felt progress immediately!! Our daughter went from waking EVERY hour at night to sleeping in six-hour stretches within days. Sleep Well continued to be a source of support for us as we encountered challenges to our sleep routine (travel, sickness, etc). Having a pro in our corner was HUGE and saved us from stress, self-doubt and 2 am bickering. We had a plan. We had a goal. And finally, our family had sleep. It’s pretty amazing how adorable a baby can be and how promising life is when we’re all well rested! #lifechanging, #wortheverypenny, #Zzzzzz”

At 12 weeks old, my baby Parker was sleeping with me in bed and waking up every 2 hours all night to nurse. My husband was sleeping on the couch. We were bouncing him on an exercise ball to get him to sleep at night, and he was only really napping with or on my. I was exhausted and getting ready to go back to work and needed our situation to change. My main reason for not wanting to sleep train him was that I didn’t want him to cry. I agonized over the crying, reading articles that talked about how damaging it is to let your baby cry. However, I couldn’t continue doing what we were doing. There were times in the night when Parker didn’t even seem to want to nurse, and I felt like he just wanted to sleep! A friend referred me to Shannon Glenn who gave us a customized, detailed plan to get Parker sleeping better. Although he would cry, I was reassured by the fact that my husband or I would be in the room with him, comforting him. Parker took to the plan really well and by night 4 he was only waking once a night to nurse. Our world instantly changed! My husband was back in bed with me and after a couple of weeks, I stopped dreading the nights and was able to function normally during the day because I had more sleep. The best part is that Parker became such a happy baby after being pretty fussy his first few months. Now he loves to sleep and wakes up a happy boy. I admire the mothers who wait longer than I did to sleep train their babies who don’t sleep well or who wait until their children outgrow it 5 years later. I couldn’t make it past 3 months of sleep deprivation! But I’m thankful we let Parker learn how to sleep on his own at a young age. At 11 months old, he’s been a great sleeper every since.

“I’m not exaggerating when I say Sleep Well saved my sanity. My son was 14 months when we contacted her, and had never once slept through the night. I kept thinking things would get better– meanwhile I was losing it, my son was often overtired and irritable, and I finally took my friend’s advice and emailed Shannon. Just our initial phone consultation gave me hope. She didn’t seem surprised by any of the crazy tactics I was employing at that point, and seemed to have complete confidence that we could get Henry sleeping. Her sleep plan was incredibly thorough, and we started out following it precisely. Unfortunately my son came down with a virus literally 4 days in– and I figured we were doomed. But shannon was totally nonplussed, so patient and generous with her time. She helped us modify the plan while Henry recovered, and then led me through the re-implementation. Within 4 days of that, Henry was sleeping through the night. His naps have been great, he’s happy, and I finally feel like a functioning human again! It’s been 3 weeks now, and his sleep has settled into a nice, predictable groove. We’ve had some events come up that I worried might derail him (later nights than usual here and there, family in town, etc) but he’s continued to sleep well. I really can’t say enough how grateful we are for Shannon and her help. Just today I remarked to my husband that hiring Sleep Well was one of the best things I’ve ever done. She’s amazing, and I plan to recommend her to all the sleep-deprived moms I know!”

“Sleep Well has been an absolute life-, sleep-, and happiness-saver for us! As first time parents James and I had NO clue what we were doing when it came to getting the baby to sleep well-and it became apparent very quickly that whatever it was we were doing was just not working for our little guy! He would wake up every 1-3 hours during the night and his naps during the day weren’t any better. Poor guy was so miserable I actually thought that just might be his personality. As it turns out, he was just exhausted (as were me and his dad)! We contacted Sleep Well, and not only did she go above and beyond to squeeze us in before my maternity leave ended and I had to return to work, but the changes in our little were immediate! Shannon’s sleep plan for Timmy has worked so well, and given James and I the resources we needed to set our baby up for successful sleep. I highly recommend Shannon to any parent who has a little that won’t sleep because she is the biggest reason why our family is getting any! Thank you again Shannon! “

"We came to Sleep Well a few weeks ago when our 5 month old was waking up 3-6 times per night. She has never showed the signs of sleeping on her own, and in fact, we joke that she just wants to party all day and night. We used several sleep aids, sleep sacks, etc and nothing worked for us. I reached out to Sleep Well during one of the many wake ups and desperately wrote her seeking a consultation. Fast forward to now, we have an almost 6 month old who sleeps from 7 PM to 6 AM with only one (non-feed!) brief wake up in the night. She is also napping more than 45 min short stints. I can’t tell you how much this has changed her life as she is so much calmer during the day and my husband and my relationship and sleep. Thank you Sleep Well!! We will back if we experience more bumps down the road!"
Thank you!

Thank you again for helping me train my sleepless toddler. I didn't think it was possible and I was just getting so frustrated and tired during her night time wakings. but I was wrong. I am so grateful that now she is sleeping through the night without any problems. All the tips that you told me were very helpful, especially getting that clock was a great idea. Even when Haniya wakes up during the night, she understand it very well that it is not time to wake up since the light is not green :) 

Shannon was such a pleasure to work with and such a saving grace for our family. She was patient, understanding, and had thoughtful and detailed answers for all of my questions throughout the process. She helped both my daughter, 3. and my son, 20 months, get back to sleeping through the night. My daughter benefited greatly from the bedtime routine charts, sleep clock, and the structure Shannon gave us to follow. She helped my son ween from his pacifiers and helped us get through an 18 month sleep regression. She has all the answers and really is wonderful at what she does. I know most people write this in their testimonial but it's so true, its worth every penny! Thank you Shannon!!!

Sleep Well Children to the rescue... again! Shannon helped us with our son Mason when he was 4 months old. She got our sleep-deprived baby sleeping all night in his crib in just a few days. 
It was smooth sailing until making the transition to one nap a day. 
Our now 14 month old was waffling between two naps and one nap for months. He seemed tired and cranky all the time. I knew I had to do something. Together, Shannon and I decided he was ready for one nap. With a few tweaks to his schedule we came up with a plan. Only 8 days in, and we’re consistently getting 2 hour naps!!! Mason’s back to his happy self again!! 
Shannon is a miracle worker. Hire her today!! 

We were pretty worried about sleep training before we met Shannon. But her confidence in her program and consistency throughout the sleep training made the whole process go very smoothly. We had no idea what we were getting into, and would have been lost without Shannon’s help. Now we can put our baby down for sleep without anxiety and worry.

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Why didn’t we try this sooner?! As we speak he is sound asleep in his crib – and has been since 7:15 pm.

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Working with Shannon, I went from 2-3 wake ups every night to 1 or 0. She aligned the plan with my preferred sleep cycle. She was always coaching, never judging. Shannon was great, I have referred MANY people to her! That's the best testament to her work that I can give.

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