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How do you know you have a toddler living your house…

Toddler in laundry basket

Toddlers are such a joy to have around, they make you appreciate the little things and remind you how precious life really is.  They also have a curiosity that can be incredibly fascinating and can be at the same time, very frustrating.

If you have a toddler living in your house you will draw comparisons and hopefully a laugh from the following list.

How do you know a toddler is living in your house:

  • All kitchen objects have dual purposes, cooking and banging, clanging, and toy storage.
  • Toilet paper isn’t to keep us clean!  It is more interesting in a large heap on floor or used as a flying object decorating the entire house as far as it will reach.  Bonus… the roll can be used as a megaphone or a telescope.
  • Drool covered, boogery kisses are often offered.  Something most parents can’t and won’t refuse.
  • The only two ingredients needed to make pancakes are flour and syrup and when you don’t have a bowl handy, just use the floor to prepare your breakfast.
  • Dad always needs an assistant when mowing the lawn even if it is to play a game of chase with the mower.
  • Markers, pens, crayons, and anything else that will leave a mark are way more fun to use on anything other than paper. This includes skin, walls and the dog.
  • Words like “Mama I wove you” are said often to rectify any situation and will melt any parents heart.
  • All surfaces of the house are meant to drive some kind of toy with wheels on.
  • Mom’s make up and jewelry are meant for everyone to wear, even the teddy bear.
  • Snuggling up reading Curious George for the hundredth time will make any bad day better.


This is in dedication to my wonderful two children.  Aren’t we all blessed to be parents.

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