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Setting Sleep Goals for 2024

As the year draws to a close, let's take a moment to reflect on the importance of sleep and how to prioritize and set goals for healthy sleep in 2024! I will share tips to help your family ease back into your routine after the holiday festivities, and guide you through the process of setting sleep goals that will leave you feeling revitalized and ready to conquer the year ahead!

Reflect on Your Family’s Current Sleep Habits

What's working well, and where can improvements be made? Here is where we need to get honest with ourselves. Is sleep the best it could be in your household? Are you and your children feeling rested when you wake up and during the day? Do you feel a sense of peace with your family’s sleep schedule and routine or can it be tweaked to become better? It is easy to say, “everything is fine with our sleep,” when in reality you know it can become better for everyone. Get honest about where your family’s sleep is at, and where it can improve!

Defining Your Dream Sleep Routine

Imagine your ideal night's sleep. Does it involve a consistent bedtime, a calming pre-sleep ritual, or a comfortable sleep environment? All of these things contribute towards a good nights’ sleep and a seamless transition into a restful night. Now think about your child’s sleep routine. Do they have a consistent bedtime? Is there bedtime routine calming or potentially overstimulating? Is there room set up in a way that feels cozy and comforting or could there be adjustments made for it to feel like a sleep sanctuary? List out all of the elements that contribute towards your dream sleep routine for you and your little ones and make adjustments to make it happen!

Setting Realistic Targets

Every person’s lifestyle and schedule are unique. Establish achievable sleep goals based on your family’s lifestyle. Keep your goals attainable so it does not feel overwhelming. When we feel overwhelmed with our goals, the more likely we are to burnout before we reach them. Whether it's adjusting bedtime, modifying the bedtime routine, reducing screen time before sleep, or creating a serene sleep sanctuary—small changes can lead to significant improvements.

Tracking Progress and Celebrating

Implement a tracking system to monitor you or your child’s progress. Keeping track of sleep can help us visually see the progress and moments of success. Celebrate small victories with your child’s sleep and learn from setbacks. This will help create a positive momentum towards achieving your overarching sleep goals.

Hopefully these tips will help you move into the new year experiencing rejuvenated nights and energized days!

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