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Gimme 10

Do you ever forget to bring up something that you have wanted to communicate to your spouse?  Or sometimes do you feel like you never get to discuss anything together until the kids are asleep and at that point you probably feel more like plopping yourself on the couch to watch some good reality TV.  If this is you, you are not alone you are one of the many of us parenting children under the age of five or maybe even children under the age of 10.

“Hey, Mom what are we having for dinner?”  “Mom, watch me stand on one leg while I play my piano.”  “Dadda, Dadda, hold me, hold me, HOLD ME.” “Dad let’s play tackle right now!”  All while the dog is barking because you haven’t fed him in two days.  Welcome to the first few minutes of one or both parents getting home at the end of the day.   With all this loved filled craziness going on, why on Earth do we even set ourselves up for remembering just to breathe let alone remembering what you want talk to your parenting partner about?  It is incredibly important that our children know that they are loved and missed and that kind of affirmation should be the first thing you do when you get home.  However shortly after everyone has been hugged, kissed and tackled and before dinner time tell the kids to “Gimme 10.”

Gimme 10 is when you take 10 minutes to check in with your spouse.  Tell the kids that Mommy and Daddy are going to take 10 minutes to talk.   The kids can do whatever is allowable for them to do during this time and there is only one rule, they cannot interrupt your conversation.   Then set a timer for 10 minutes and speak fluidly, peacefully, and uninterrupted with your spouse.  Talk about your day, check in about the kids, share some hugs and kisses, cross paths with the most important person you are on this journey called life with.  Do all of this while you are still somewhat alert and not half way asleep yourself.  Do this while your children are awake so they can see that it is a priority for Mommy and Daddy to talk to each other.  Do this to make your children work on being patient.  Do this to remind yourself that the most valuable, influential relationship in your family is the relationship you have with your spouse.  When that relationship is working, everything else can be tackled.

Have a peaceful day.

About the author

Shannon Glenn

Shannon Glenn is the owner and founder of Sleep Well Children Consulting and a Certified Pediatric Sleep Specialist. She is dedicated to helping parents assist their children and babies in developing healthy sleep habits. With a B.A. in Psychology, Shannon has worked extensively with children and their families for over 15 years in a variety of settings.  She has been offering sleep solutions for over six years.  

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